Surgery Staffing News

We are delighted to welcome back Dr Sarah Marriage to the Lambourn Surgery team. Dr Marriage was a doctor in training here in 2015 and has returned as a partner. Dr Marriage will be working 3 days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Sadly on another note, Dr Wallage will be leaving us on the 31st December this year. Dr Wallage has been with us since April 2015 but will be moving on to pastures new. To cover his surgeries, we have recruited Dr Zoe Wanless, who was also a doctor in training here in 2017. Dr Wanless will start on the 3rd January working Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you are a patient of Dr Wallage you will be transferred to one of the new doctors patient lists, this does not prevent you from requesting a doctor of your choice when you make an appointment.

We hope you will make Dr Marriage and Dr Wanless welcome as they start their careers here in Lambourn and join us in wishing Dr Wallage well for his future career.